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We provide insights-enabled intelligent solutions for pharmaceutical and medical device companies and candidates.  

Leveraging Intelligent Insights

We are pioneers of a unique data-driven approach that streamlines engagement within the industry. Leveraging technology to draw intelligent insight, we create a clear path forward for our clients.  

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Here at Star OUTiCO we have teams throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe who are always on-hand and happy to assist.



We won’t get tired of saying it: impact is at the heart of everything we do. Every action is geared towards ensuring that our involvement in a client’s recruitment drive both improves patient and HCP engagement, and creates a commercial impact.

The truth is nobody knows what the new normal is going to be, but one of the reasons we have invested in our digital services and brought Star and OUTiCO together is to build on our ability to deliver engagement with stakeholders in the way that they want, where they want, and at the right time.

So, whatever the new normal is, working with us will increase your likelihood of successfully engaging with NHS stakeholders.

Absolutely. We provide flexible, talented, driven teams for healthcare companies. From start-up biotech to blue-chip pharma companies, we have been recruiting and deploying contract sales resource for over 16 years. From primary care teams to specialist multi-channel enabled KAM resource, out contract teams make an impact. See our Resourcing section for more detail.

Yes. Our solutions are compatible with the three major clinical systems used in the UK, which cover over 99% of GP practices.

Yes. Our solutions can work in Secondary Care, although with the variation of clinical systems used, or even the absence of a system altogether, a bespoke approach to implementation is often needed.

With over 10 years’ heritage in effectively engaging with HCPs via multiple channels, we have developed one of the most comprehensive channel preference databases in the UK, and our teams are enabled with the latest digital technology to deliver impact for brands in the 21st century.

Utilising our insights ensures that your brands and our teams not only have better access, but more meaningful engagement with customers.

Our solutions are delivered via Primary Care practices, PCNS or LHEs such as CCGs, and implemented by the practice pharmacists or GPs. Implementation of our solutions can also be supported by a virtual clinical resource, if required.

All of our solutions are delivered remotely without the need for an on-site visit, making them a highly cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Utilising technology, our bespoke patient engagement programmes are underpinned by an evidence-based behavioural science methodology, focused on gathering intelligence for ongoing optimisation and impact. This approach guarantees greater patient engagement and improved outcomes.

It’s not just about equipping salespeople with the technology. Over the past 10 years we have learnt that success is dependent on the correct execution of each element that makes up our Multi-channel offering. First and foremost, our teams have the right mindset, they are supported with unparalleled HCP, brand and market insight, and are trained to use digital technology to maximum efficiency. 

48% of our placements are from word of mouth recommendations based on actual candidate experience. We know that our candidates trust our teams with their career moves and are happy to recommend us. 

While data and digitisation underpin Star OUTiCO’s core services, human interaction and patient experience and outcomes are at the heart of everything we do.

Our Patient Engagement Services division – spanning Programme Design Services, Health Technology, Patient Engagement Programmes, and Nursing and Healthcare services – ensures that patients are supported throughout their unique journey with specific, personalised interventions geared towards delivering improved outcomes.

By keeping our employees at the heart of how we operate, Star OUTiCO have a fully committed, engaged, and award-winning successful workforce that deliver continuously for our client universe.

All of our teams communicate with HCPs via their preferred sales channel, giving us more engagement options and increased sales opportunities, shaped by our innovative data and analytics tools.

Our teams are fully supported by our exceptional project management team, a highly experienced group.

Yes. We do not remove any patient-identifiable information from the site. All of our solutions use the inherent functionality of the clinical systems.

Far from it. We take a multi-channel approach to sourcing quality candidates for our clients. As well as traditional methods, we employ a number of candidate attraction techniques, including rolling out bespoke cross-platform social media campaigns, attending local recruitment days and graduate fayres, and utilising the expertise and network of our existing project teams. 

Our Patient Engagement Service spans Programme Design Services, Health Technology, Patient Engagement Programmes and Nursing & Healthcare offerings, and within these lines we offer a great amount of flexibility for supporting both patients and HCPs. We don’t favour one intervention methodology over another and the solutions we suggest are based on client need, backed up by our extensive clinical knowledge and experience in healthcare provision. 

Uniphar have experience of integrating into the client’s existing supply chain arrangements, or can establish a new model. This is built into the commercial model and operating plan.

Everything we do is driven by analytics and insights. Our meaningful interpretation of various complex data creates a clear path forward. We introduce clever ways of working and help clients achieve more through digital technology. So, customers get the right information, in the right channel, at their preferred time. We recruit the very best talent and we deploy exceptional teams when and where our clients need them. 

We are focused on helping our clients to provide better patient outcomes, and our approach guarantees that only the highest quality standard of care – optimised and accessible – will do.

As a CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered provider, we’re able to provide both medical advice and patient monitoring remotely, ensuring that patients receive the right support in the right way, from healthcare providers who meet the highest regulatory and quality standards.

Our experience shows that integrated engagement programmes can make maximum impact. We have the capability to provide integrated solutions across a wide number of channels including webinars, e-learning, virtual advisory boards, podcasts, HCP digital connect amongst others. We optimise engagement by designing and deploying these solutions tailored to specific brand opportunities and challenges.

Our knowledgeable and experienced teams recruit quality candidates for a wide range of pharmaceutical sales roles, across Pharmaceutical Sales (Primary Care, Speciality Medicines, Payer Engagement and Pathway Support), Market Access, Nursing & Healthcare, Medical Executive, Medical Devices & Technology and Marketing & Commercial Support sectors.

In addition, our Vacancy Management service reduces the potential risks with fixed-term headcount recruitment, and we are the only RPO provider in the UK to focus exclusively on healthcare.

Any brands that are promotionally sensitive, have a weight of sales, have a clinical or commercial differentiator and typically have 2-3 years before LOE. Star OUTiCO run successful projects for both Primary and Specialty Care pharmaceutical brands and devices.

The services we provide continually evolve to suit client need, utilising our broad base of smart solutions that can be optimised in a unique way. People are at the heart of everything we do, so we act as your partners from the beginning to the end of a project, supporting you to achieve your objectives.

The model works best where an organisation can get a greater Return On Capital Employed by investing in other strategic brands. The model enables organisations to fully focus on driving sales for strategic assets while Uniphar fully focuses on the established brand.

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Case studies

We provide a bespoke service and smart, tailored solutions for every client we partner with.
Here are some examples of how our unique data-driven approach has worked.

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Branded Generic Sales Growth

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Commercial Optimisation
Case study

Commercial Optimisation

A client with a product that showing steady sales for the first nine months of its life cycle, required an increase in product sales, increasing awareness of product availability....

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Advanced Budgetary Notification
Case study

Advanced Budgetary Notification

A client approached Star OUTiCO with a small window to deliver an Advanced Budget Notification to a complex customer group. Deployment of Market Access Managers with specialist therapy experience,...

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