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Ai-Insights is Star OUTiCO’s proprietary intelligence platform. Developed by our own experts, its primary goal is to gather empirical data, enable intelligent agility, and deliver business impact.

As Henry Ford once said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” So, we use Ai-Insights to measure and analyse every aspect of our activity, looking for ways to evolve and enhance it. Improving performance with real-time intelligence.

It enables us to gather and process data and insights from any project activity. Intelligent agility informs change, optimises your investment and empowers  talented people to perform even better.

Continual refinement and collection of data is important in making key business decisions. With access to over 17 billion pieces of data and processing over 20 million additional pieces of data each month, we optimise and secure your investment.

All data have a purpose. Recording and analysing it accurately ensures you can make the right decisions for your brands and patients. Every engagement, no matter its nature, is purposeful, selective and individualised.

You can create and sustain a helix of data, insight, change and impact. Ongoing optimisation coded into the DNA of your operation.

Ai-Insights means optimised deployment and enhanced engagement. Ai-Insights means better customer engagement and outcomes. Ai-Insights means sustained impact for your organisation.

With access to over 17 billion pieces of data, Star OUTiCO has access to market-leading tools and solutions, underpinned by our Ai-Core architecture. Utilising solutions such as Ai-Engage, Ai-Prophet, Ai-OPTIQ, Ai-Equip amongst others, you can be confident that we will care for your brand like it is our own, optimising resources, processes and performance through real-time insights and intelligence.