Our business was set up for a pharmaceutical industry in flux. The world is changing rapidly but the sector has been slow to embrace digital technology. And those who fail to evolve risk being left behind.

So, we’ve built a company, backed by the capabilities of the Uniphar Group, that has advanced tech coupled with excellent people hard-wired into its DNA. We’re committed to creating service solutions that give you the digital edge and ensure you push forward into the brave new world of clinical innovation. 


Star Medical is established as a specialist service provider with an unrelenting focus on developing bespoke solutions, delivered by the best people and managed in the best possible way. The business continues to invest in making an impact for its clients.



OUTiCO is founded to ‘do things differently’ in a fast-changing commercial environment. As a specialist partner to pharmaceutical organisations, the business soon begins exceeding client expectations of working with an outsourcing company. 



    Uniphar Group acquires Star Medical and begins to invest in its digital capabilities.

      uniphar star


      Looking at the two businesses’ unique cultures and capabilities, the Group sees a synergy and the potential to create a bona fide 360° partner for a changing world and brings Star Medical together with the newly-acquired OUTiCO. 

      uniphar star outico


      Uniphar invests heavily in the combined business’ data intelligence technologies, creating the AXiOM portal, formalising the Star OUTiCO brand and setting a clear course for the future. 

      star outico axiom

      The Future

      A lot of people who know would argue that the pharmaceutical commercial model has been slow to evolve. Too many businesses and organisations have been conservative in embracing the digital changes so effectively adopted by other industries over the last two decades.

      But, although the need for change has gathered pace in recent years, COVID-19 has only highlighted the need for further acceleration. In these challenging times, our healthcare industry has witnessed what seems like 10 years of change in just a matter of weeks. This pace is set to continue.

      But such a fluid environment is volatile, there will be winners and losers. So, our mission is to ensure your business is equipped with the right tools and solutions, informed and continually updated by data intelligence, to deliver the impact you need and to ensure you are on the winning side for the long-term.