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A major branded generic manufacturer was looking to grow sales across its entire range of promoted products, by products offering substantial savings for CCGs and practices.

The strategic goals included driving awareness and endorsement of the brands among payers and prescribers leading to an appropriate increase in branded prescribing.

The client was looking for an alternative approach to the traditional sales rep model and challenged Star OUTiCO to introduce novel ideas and solutions that would complement their existing commercial teams.


An expert team across the Star OUTiCO business was mobilised, and we conducted a full analysis of both the prescribing and referral patterns. The UK market was segmented with an appropriate targeting and sizing strategy developed.

A bespoke budget analysis tool was designed and built for the client’s own market access team, alongside an experienced national multi-channel account management (MCAM) team both built and deployed by Star OUTiCO.


  • Average and total revenue for practices engaged with by the MCAM team was significantly Higher than practices not contacted.
  • Over 2,674 Clinical Pharmacists, 1,344 GPs and 3,060 Practice Managers engaged over the course of the project.
  • 96.5% revenue growth in target practices over a 16-month period.