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A client with a product that showing steady sales for the first nine months of its life cycle, required an increase in product sales, increasing awareness of product availability. The product sat within a busy and competitive market, driven traditionally by wholesale or face-to-face pharmacy calls from their existing sales force. 


A pilot team of six Multi-Channel Account Managers (MCAMs) were deployed focusing on 8,400 small chain multiples / independent pharmacies were targeted over the phone.

After an initial three-month trial, a permanent MCAM team of four were deployed to support the client’s retail division, with the flexibility to promote the client’s different products and brands as required, in line with the market and their future product launches.


The client achieved an increase of 31% in unit sales growth, while additional insight into the retail market provided by the MCAM team revealed individual pharmacies’ preferred wholesalers / short liners, product and competitor feedback, and both increased awareness and interest in the product.