REDUCED syndicated sales case study 1.png


A leading pharmaceutical manufacturer wanted to increase their sales through their deployment of a contract sales team to increase both coverage and frequency for GPs.


The Star OUTiCO Ireland Business Development team analysed prescribing and sales growth trends to mini brick level and segmented the national market by identifying key geographical areas across Ireland where there was potential to both protect and grow sales.

To deliver optimal coverage of the chosen high potential areas, a syndicated team of five was deployed and one highly experienced Pharma Sales Manager.

To support the team, CRM and sales analysis tools were built aligned to the client’s reporting needs.


Star OUTiCO Ireland delivered over and above on all agreed KPIs, including:

  • The product before Star was at a growth of 30% versus market growth of 33%
  • After the Star engagement, the promoted product was at a growth of 54% versus market growth of 45%