Retail Pharmacy QA Lesley Jarvis 1440 x 639


A global leader in the pharmaceutical industry was looking to relaunch their product in pharmacy. In 2016 the product licensing was changed from a Prescription only Medicine “POM” to a Pharmacy medicine “P”.


The Star OUTiCO Ireland Business Development team analysed sales data at mini brick level and segmented the national market by identifying key geographical areas across Ireland, based on the number of pharmacies and the total market potential per mini brick.

To deliver optimal coverage of the chosen high-potential areas with increased frequency with a syndicated team of three Retail Sales representatives and one manager. The team was made up of highly experienced people, with knowledge of managing both independent pharmacies and large pharmacy chains.

To support the team, sales analysis tools were built to align to the client’s reporting needs.


Star OUTiCO Ireland delivered over and above on all agreed KPIs, including:

  • Implemented the CRM Survey Platform to measure in store changes
  • Increased awareness levels of Product Key Messages
  • Increased confidence to dispense as a result of training and materials re-training
  • Market share over a two-year period from 15% to 71.9%