A client with a five-year old brand in the Generics market and 40% of known formularies tasked Star OUTiCO to increase the product sales growth by 100%, over two years.


To achieve this, strategy development and planning was absolutely key. 99% of first-line status on formularies were identified, and positive NHS and PHSE guidance was refined for the brand. An insight-led strategy was subsequently developed and deployed. 45% of the top target accounts in the UK were identified and then prioritised into categories, with a clear market approach given to all 3,695 accounts. 

The success of the strategy was measured by the provision of a Budget Impact Model and monthly reporting.  


  • The new strategy developed by Star OUTiCO was presented to the client with a clear focus for all of the target accounts
  • Accounts selected more than three times have seen 45% growth above the accounts not selected, whilst the sales generated have delivered 113% of the target

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