As HCPs become more accustomed to digital experiences in our changing world,
traditional sales techniques are making less of an impact. There’s never been a more
crucial time to re-imagine your sales solution.

Omni-channel engagement

Interaction through selected channels is the smart way to engage for optimal results.

Using the appropriate channels, guided by customer preference, allows for a seamless and sequential build of depth of engagement – increasing touchpoints, selling time, and opportunities to accelerate your brand’s growth.

What makes us different?

Our 10-year multi-channel heritage sets us apart. We build unique strategies combining both in-person and digital engagement.

But what makes us unique is our intelligent agility:

Our insights provide direction, and our flexible, scalable resources empower us to adapt at pace – integrating in-person and non-personal channels to deliver maximum impact for your brand.

We go where the insight tells us to, for maximum results, and we can swiftly adjust –
efficiently re-deploying resources at the click of a button.

Our intelligent agility is underpinned by four key pillars:

People + Platforms + Processes + Partnerships = Intelligent Agility (IA)

People – Our customer service promise is delivered by exceptional people equipped with smart insights. We provide the right information to customvers, through their preferred engagement and time, to improve customer experience and patient outcomes.

Platforms – The latest digital technology combines HCP, brand and market insight to deliver intelligent brand engagement.

Processes – Since the inception of our business we have integrated a flexible working practice that helps our teams achieve more for our clients. With meaningful engagement at the heart of our business, IA enables our people to react and adapt swiftly to commercial opportunities.

Partnerships – We make change happen by forming like-minded partnerships to heighten customer experience. Through delivering meaningful engagement we are helping to demonstrate the real value of our industry.

IA is the cornerstone for commercial success in a changing world.

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