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10 December 2021

As we near the end of 2021, we caught up with some of our candidates who we helped find new roles this year, to find out how they’re getting on. Here are the thoughts of Star OUTiCO candidates, Joanne – an Orphan Drug Specialist within Cystinosis and T-Cell Lymphoma, Dawn – a Sales Representative within Respiratory, and George – an Engagement Specialist within Mental Health.

How did you secure your new role as Star OUTiCO candidates?

Joanne: Jacqueline contacted me to see if I knew anyone who may be interested in the role. I wasn’t actively looking for a new opportunity at the time, but when I read the job description I decided to apply! Due to the nature of the company the interview process involved numerous interviews with different people, as well as a presentation.

Dawn: Initially I had an interview with the hiring manager then an assessment centre with several sales managers. Kelly was extremely supportive and guided me through the process. She helped me with the preparation for the interview and assessment centre.

George: Kelly was very helpful with giving me tips on how to answer the online interview questions and tips on how to present myself in the video. I was also put forward for the role by another Star OUTiCO employee, which helped me to get to interview stage.

How did your Recruiter help you as candidates during the hiring process?

Joanne: Jacqueline supported me through the interviews with guidance around clear expectations on what the company were looking for. She gave me timelines and kept up regular communication with me. She even went above and beyond, calling me on her day off when we were waiting for news of a job offer! She also secured the salary expectation that I was looking for!

Dawn: Kelly was in touch with me regularly, explaining the procedures and putting me in touch with the hiring manager when required. She also organised the onboarding paperwork.

George: Once it came to the interview, again Kelly gave me plenty of background information about the company and the people involved. She gave me confidence to concentrate on preparing my answers for the competencies that she had told me to prepare for the interview. Even after the interview she phoned to see how I felt. She then made sure that the Teams meetings were set up and made sure that I was totally prepped for the final interview.

Now that you’re settled in, how are you getting on with your new employer?

Joanne: Oh, I absolutely love it! My employer is a great company, with so much potential, and the team are great!

Dawn: Everything is going well!

George: I have just completed my initial training and I am now ready to start engaging with customers. The government has just stated we must work from home again, but I am forward to seeing some customers face-to-face when I’m able to!

As Star OUTiCO candidates, what would you say to others about working with us as your Recruiter?

Joanne: I’ve worked with Jacqueline and Star OUTiCO for a number of years, and they have always been very efficient and competent. Jacqueline would always be my go-to recruiter if I’m ever looking for new opportunities!

Dawn: I’d recommend Star OUTiCO, as this is the third project that I have worked with them on, and they have always been very efficient, helpful, and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble!

George: During the recruitment process you as a candidate are given a lot of help and inside tips from Star OUTiCO to give you as good a chance as possible to shine, and give you the confidence boost to gain the position.

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