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12 April 2021

From April 2017, companies with more than 250 colleagues are legally required to calculate their Gender Pay Gap Statistics. Star OUTiCO are pleased to publish our reports for the periods where we employed 250 colleagues or more, which include the ‘snapshot’ periods of 2020/2021 and 2021/2022.

We welcome this opportunity for transparency and to share our reports with you.

Data Gathered

The data gathered was obtained from our payroll system and cross checked with our HR systems as part of the data validation process.

Please note, this is not a true reflection of our current business as we had an increase in colleague numbers throughout 2020/2021 to work on a covid related project.

The relevant date for the general hourly pay analysis was the 5th April 2021, meaning that this was an average hourly pay for employees on our Payroll during April 2021. If there were any changes to the employees pay/contract that were effective after the 5th April 2021, this new data would not be included.

Hourly pay was calculated using the employee’s salary/hourly pay where relevant and then pro-rataing this to the hourly rate where appropriate. For salaried employees this was by dividing the salary by 12 and then by the hours worked during the month of April 2021 according to SAP. This was then added to the hourly equivalent of any other payments such as car allowances to create the hourly pay.

The bonus amounts was based on the 12 months prior to  the 5th April 2021.

Data Analysis

All data and information was analysed according to the government guidelines. The Gender Pay Gap calculation is = (Male-Female)/Male which gives you the final numbers you see below.

Summary of Findings