Kevin Lennon

Kevin is Business Development Developer at Star OUTiCO.

24 April 2018

The pressure on the NHS continues to build. But the pressure on pharma companies to maintain sales delivery also remains high. 

Thankfully, digital advances have opened up a variety of channels for sales reps, and HCPs are adapting to different modes of communication. With face-to-face access in decline, digital channels have breathed new life into HCP engagement. 

Multiple channels do not equal ‘multi-channel’

However, just because you introduce multiple channels, this doesn’t mean you can rest on your laurels. True multi-channel is about engaging the customer in their preferential style. 

In our experience, we’ve observed some remarkable results with the multi-channel method. HCPs have responded positively to new technology, and thoroughly welcomed a flexible approach which considers both their time and preference. 

How well do you know your HCPs?

In this current climate, pharma companies need to continue to engage HCPs in new and innovative ways – but to get the best results, they have to be driven by customer preferences. 

Imagine what you could achieve if you knew exactly who to contact, when the best time was to get hold of them, and most importantly, what their preferred channel was to engage? 

Logging details of all HCP interactions has led to us having the most unique data in our industry – 3 years of invaluable records. And having access to this kind of unique data gives you the opportunity to save time, optimise your approach, and ultimately, improve sales delivery. 

If our data would help you reach HCPs more effectively, get in touch.