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20 September 2022

As we start to return to normal after the sadness of the past 10 days, it’s a fitting time to celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work.

We asked some of our Recruitment, Business Support, and HR team members what they love most about working at Star OUTiCO – here’s what they said…

For me, I love working with people that operate as team and support each other to achieve not only individual but common goals as well. I am proud that we work in an industry with clients that provide treatments and medicines that truly impact on the quality of people’s lives.

– Danny Dorward, Head of Recruitment

Working with likeminded individuals who are positive and proactive about making the world a happier place. From finding roles for candidates in need of a new role, or helping clients to grow, expand and in essence help researchers and clinicians alike deliver amazing outcomes for patients.

I love that feeling when a candidate or client calls back after being in the role for a month or so and hearing the positivity ooze from the conversation, and having even just a small part of bringing someone joy in that moment.

I also love helping people to feel more confident in their abilities, teaching them how to interview, honing their interview skills and helping them feel more aware of their achievements.

– Lauren Alexander, Recruitment

As once being new to the industry myself, it was a huge help when I had a recruiter help me get a position. I like to think that I help people do this to get their dream jobs with some amazing companies. – Estelle Hamilton, Recruitment

For me the best bits of work are hearing the happiness in people’s voices when they’ve been successful in securing their dream job, building rapport and a relationship with my candidates, working with my colleagues in Recruitment, and having a sense of belonging and meaning in my role. – Vicky Smith, Recruitment

I’m really lucky to work within Business Support at Star OUTiCO. We regularly get together outside of work, and this provides the opportunity for us to improve our relationships and understand each other’s strengths in order to build a stronger, happier team. – Emily Tavendale, Fleet Support

Star OUTiCO Business Support team, l-r: Julia Lindsay, Hannah Sherwood, Emily Tavendale, Rachel Williams, Sam Ramplin

Star OUTiCO have always been good at accepting that not everyone wants to work the traditional 40-hour week. I was able to reduce my hours to allow me to collect my children from school a couple of days a week, which meant the world to my family.

Since COVID, I am very proud of the way we have embraced flexible and hybrid working to allow people to work where they can work best. This isn’t always going to be possible for all our teams but for me in a Head Office role, this has worked. This has allowed me to work from home more than the office, which I have found means I can be more disciplined with taking breaks. I can take a cup of tea into the garden and get a break when I need. – Kate Hosker, HR Manager

Working in the office with my colleagues, talking over our highs and lows and seeing them smile! – Rachel Williams, Business Support Manager

I love that I can maintain my work-life balance, with my little helper! – Sarah Whitby, Recruitment

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