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17 January 2022

We asked some of our top Recruitment Consultants for their thoughts on the most common concerns for job-hunting candidates in the current climate, and how to deal with them going forward.

Uncertainty on availability of remote working

“After over 18 months of uncertainty in the world, with more lockdowns than we all expected, followed by redundancies, et cetera, and going into another winter when none of us know what to expect, a lot of employees are staying put, despite being potentially unhappy.

“Another reason that they’re holding off on job-hunting is not knowing whether roles will be remote, or not. We have all got used to working from home, and companies are starting to get their people back into offices. Many candidates are waiting to see what their current or future company’s approach will be to remote working as they are hoping to maintain a blend of remote and office working.

“Potential candidates should feel happy that the industry has found its way to keep functioning, and that companies are ready to recruit. If you are a strong candidate, you shouldn’t worry about moving on.”

Many candidates are waiting to see what their current or future company’s approach will be to remote working…

Choosing the right vacancies to apply for

“Having recruited through lockdown, which was an unprecedented period in my recruitment career, we are facing a completely different challenge in the current marketplace. Whereas six months ago there were very few opportunities for our talented job-hunting candidates (which proved a real frustration), the market is now much more buoyant.

“It’s crucial that when there are multiple vacancies on the table that the candidate’s key goals, motivators and drivers remain at the forefront of their mind, throughout the recruitment process. It’s easy to become blinkered when being bombarded by various different processes.

“We work with our candidates to truly get to the bottom of what matters to them, to help make sure they make the right decision when it comes to choosing which vacancies to apply for, or accepting an offer. This may not always be one of our vacancies, but it’s important for both candidates and our clients, that the right decision is made.

“It’s no longer just a case of finding work to put food on the table, but a period where we are, thankfully, able to work towards people’s career aspirations again.”

It’s easy to become blinkered when being bombarded by various different processes.

Feeling unprepared for an interview

“Ensure, with our support, that your CV is tailored to meet the job specifications of the client, and that you know your CV inside and out.

“If you’re invited to an interview, either remotely or in person, ensure that you have researched the company, competitors, therapy area, products, formulary guidelines and have strong answers to questions from the interviewer and wear business dress.

“If you don’t put the work in for the first interview, you will never get to the second. Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Reluctance to consider contract roles

“If you’re reluctant to star job-hunting because you’re concerned that there isn’t the security associated with a permanent role, my advice is that the market is changing, and more companies are looking to recruit people on a contract basis. As you would be employed by Star OUTiCO, we would do our upmost to redeployee you into one of our other teams.”

Lack of experience working remotely

“For candidates who weren’t employed prior to the pandemic and haven’t had the opportunity to work remotely and are therefore seeing push-back from some employers looking for this skillset, my advice is to ensure that you have kept up to date with changes within the NHS. This will show to an employer that although you haven’t been employed during this timeframe, you have been updating your knowledge.

“Also, ensure that you have knowledge of and are confident in digital platforms that are being used by employers, as well as the ability to explain to an employer that your territory and therapy area knowledge is key to any successful medical representative.”

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