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Hannah Light

Hannah is Digital Marketing Manager at Star OUTiCO.

26 May 2022

The mass investment by the pharma and medical devices industry in digital marketing has meant that candidates in that field are more in-demand than ever. If you’re looking for a new challenge within pharma, devices, or life sciences, make sure you choose a recruitment team best equipped to help you find the perfect role.

According to a report [1] by Veeva, 70% of healthcare providers would become ‘digital natives’ by the end of 2021. This prediction goes together with comments from Veeva’s VP of commercial content in late 2020 [2], highlighting the connection between pharma’s radical adoption of remote engagement with HCPs to reflect that customer base preference.

The HCP-patient relationship has changed hugely since the pandemic. This has meant that the way patient care is delivered has also changed, mainly due to massive decrease in face-to-face appointments and the challenges this presented. Consequently, HCPs now require a higher level of educational support from reps that goes far beyond traditional brand-focused communications.

The way that our industry engages with the NHS has changed drastically over the last few years; we are seeing a significantly higher demand for Marketeers with many of our clients, at varying levels”, says Jon Woodrow, Star OUTiCO Med-Tech Resourcing Lead.

We are seeing a significantly higher demand for Marketeers with many of our clients, at varying levels

Jon Woodrow, Star OUTiCO Med-Tech Resourcing Lead

He continues: “These strategically important positions have largely increased due to the new digital world, connecting with customers via more channels than ever before. Traditional Brand Management roles are also buoyant, as Marketing teams expand and Sales Teams generally contract.”

At Star OUTiCO, our award-winning Recruitment teams put ourselves in the shoes of our candidates when acting on their behalf, and focus more on career path, goals, and fulfilment than on simply securing work.

Jon says: “We stay close to our clients to truly understand their strategy, therefore we are keen to engage with Marketeers at all levels to support them with either recruitment or their own career aspirations.

If you are a Marketeer who would be willing to consider pastures new, feel free to set up an exploratory call with one of our team. You may be more in demand than you realise!

With some of the top global pharma, medical device and life sciences companies including market-leaders and therapy area specialists trusting us to fulfil their Marketing positions, including Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, and Marketing Specialist, make sure you engage with us as you start your journey to a new role.

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[2] Pharmaphorum, ‘COVID-19 and the digital pharma marketing revolution’