13 January 2020

With the successful launch of the Retail Pharmacy team last summer, we sat down with Project Manager, Lesley Jarvis, to talk team progress, shared partner goals, and providing quality training and education for optimal patient care.

Hi Lesley, let’s start by you giving us an overview of your background in the pharma industry.

I’ve been in the pharma industry for 25 years and have had the joy of working in Retail Pharmacy, Dispensing Doctors, Key Accounts, National Accounts, Sales and Marketing, European Access and launching new medicines in the UK and USA.

That’s certainly a lot of experience! What would you say you’re most passionate about?

My passion has always been in Retail Pharmacy success. The new NHS changes – requesting Community Pharmacy to be the first point of contact for patients – allow us to assist them with education and tools to be able to treat patients in Primary Care, and allow Secondary Care to concentrate on the critical care treatment.

As Project Manager for the Retail Pharmacy team, why do you feel the service offering is particularly essential right now?

I’ve worked in Retail Pharmacy for most of my Pharma career within Independent face-to-face exposure. From my time heading up a National Sales team I was able to hear direct from Pharmacy where the pressures were and what they needed from suppliers and manufacturers. I empathise with their pressures to treat and care for patients and appreciate their time restraints.

Only pharmacies that embrace the NHS changes will survive, and we at Star look for partners who share this passion. Pharmacies with the right tools will not only survive the next five to ten years, but also flourish and grow into successful businesses who are the first port of call for their Community Care.

We launched the Retail Pharmacy team last summer and have seen it go from strength to strength since then. What do you think the key routes to progress for Pharmacy are?

We have already seen the support we offer Retail Pharmacy resonate with likeminded business-savvy Pharmacy owners and are always searching for new partners to meet their needs.

Access can be difficult for Independents as they take on the High Street Multiples, and so the tools, training and education we provide is a valuable part of their toolbox to allow them to care for their patients as effectively as possible.

We offer an 8-week Call Cycle and have seen huge growth across our partners’ pull-out results!

What would you say to Pharma Companies interested in finding out more about utilising the Star Retail Pharmacy team?

We offer true partnership as we share the same goals. Access to daily reports and success measures allow for the refining of strategy and direction, so we can constantly refresh the communication and support we offer to our Independent Pharmacy customers.

We have a huge bank of experience within the senior team who can screen and validate business opportunities, and offer pre-launch advice in the best use of resource and access.

To find out more about the Star syndicated Retail Pharmacy team, contact Lesley Jarvis on 07710 398 014, or email

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