Evolving to a digitally focused pharmaceutical healthcare company 1440 x 639
8 July 2022

We took some time to congratulate Jon Woodrow on his promotion, and talk next steps for Star OUTiCO MedTech Resourcing.

Jon Woodrow – MedTech Resourcing Lead

Hi Jon, congratulations on your promotion! Just outline for us your previous role, and how the opportunity to progress came about.

I was a Senior Recruiter working in medical devices (MedTech), alongside Sarah, and the two of us were covering the whole of the UK for all commercial & clinical markets.

The opportunity to progress came about because we realised that some of the senior talent in the Recruitment team was sitting in the same place and could be better utilised if it was spread out to provide expertise more across the board.

What’s your focus now that you’ve settled into the job?

I’m passionate about medtech and keeping it distinct from pharma, so the opportunity to take on a leadership role for the whole division and manage a team of recruiters was too good to pass up. It’s given me a real zest – managing Mary and Steph, it gives me a real focus.

It’s important to me to come in, be kind, treat them well, share my expertise, and provide an environment at work where they are appreciated and comfortable with what they’re doing, and so far, it seems to be going well. It’s great.

Now my focus has shifted from a personal revenue target, to how can I help the team? Are they happy, and doing what they need to be doing to deliver for the company and themselves?

My team have a fantastic attitude, and that’s all we need.

we realised some of the senior talent was sitting in one place and could be better utilised if we spread it out

Jon Woodrow

How does the team structure benefit you looking at ‘bigger picture’ stuff?

Mary, as a Registered Nurse, picks up all clinical roles, while Steph works on Head Office jobs. It helps free me up for more senior appointments, for more strategic roles such as market access, and the business development side of things, to drive the division forward.

Really, I hadn’t had time to do anything proactive for the last couple of years because of COVID, and then Sarah and I were so busy afterwards. It’s still been busy, but I’m starting to get my head around where we want it to go, what we need to do, and am putting the plan together.

the opportunity to take on a leadership role for the whole division and manage a team of recruiters was too good to pass up

Jon Woodrow

What do you feel is the main issue for clients – and service providers – as the NHS continues to evolve?

The type of roles has changed in the last six months. Around 90% of our jobs used to be account manager, sales rep roles. Now we’re seeing much more ‘inside sales’ jobs, market access jobs, and many more clinical jobs as well.

There’s a real shift, especially in devices. Previously in devices jobs the reps do the market access, but there are several companies now moving into dedicated market access teams within devices for the first time. All of that is key, and it’s happening because of the changes within the NHS.

Gone are the days of seeing 500+ reps in pharma teams – it’s no longer those who make the most noise that make the most money. It’s much more strategic in terms of the positioning of products, and it’s the same with devices, where we’re seeing much more strategy and lower volume of people in sales, with a shift toward value-added services like nursing.

Although most device products are within hospitals, it’s going to be one pot of money now. We as a team need to be nimble to adapt to that environment, and the type of roles that companies will be hiring to target the NHS. We need to ensure that we’re adapting to our customers’ needs and are ahead of the game when it comes to that.

it’s no longer those who make the most noise that make the most money. It’s much more strategic…

Jon Woodrow

Likewise, what issues do you see jobseekers facing with the NHS changes?

It’s the lower volume of traditional sales roles and more of a focus on strategic and value-adds, such as clinical positions. For jobseekers right now, my advice is to understand the new NHS, research, and link your experience with it.

Whether it’s a small part of what you’ve done in the past, like market access, link what you’ve done previously to the changes that are happening in the environment and show how you would be able to adapt to those trends.

What are you saying to clients that are transitioning to reflect these changes?

We understand the changing environment. We know about the change in the NHS – the changes that you will be facing in terms of your marketplace – and are able to adapt.

Internally, we have adapted ourselves and reflected these changes within our actual teams, such as having hired Mary in part to utilise her experience as a Registered Nurse when recruiting those clinical roles.

Star OUTiCO are equipped to help you continue to succeed as the healthcare environment continues to evolve.

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