Star OUTiCO achieves Platinum Investors In People accreditation1440 x 639
7 October 2021

Star OUTiCO, a market-leading provider of outsourced digitally enabled commercial services to the pharmaceutical industry, and part of the global Uniphar Group, is proud to announce the achievement of Platinum accreditation from Investors In People.

As well as recruiting the very best in the industry for their clients, Star OUTiCO’s own specialist teams are handpicked to support their clients to make an impact. Their people lie at the heart of all that they do, and the diverse mix of skills and experience on offer consistently delivers and ensures Star OUTiCO clients achieve the very best results.

For almost 30 years, Investors In People has provided accreditation for companies and organisations, with performance measured against an established framework to help leaders and employees work together to create an effective environment.

“We are lucky to work here, but it is the people that make it so special.”

Star OUTiCO interviewee

Having secured the Gold accreditation twice previously, being awarded Platinum in 2021 is testament to Star OUTiCO’s enduring commitment to its employees, and desire to constantly evaluate and improve the way that they deliver for them.

The Investors In People feedback report cites strengths such as Star OUTiCO’s approach to flexible working, commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, and commends its management teams – from senior leadership to client projects – for their dedication to the company’s aspirations.

It states: ‘Your senior leadership team can only be described as passionate, caring, and inspirational, which was mirrored at every level of line management within the organisation. I observed a very strong commitment to developing every aspect of your organisation in a consistent manner so that your business plan can be brought to fruition.’

The report draws attention to Star OUTiCO’s effective people management and development, which ultimately ‘[…] has enabled you to drive your mission forward to ensure your clients’ businesses are equipped with the right tools and solutions to deliver the impact they need and to ensure they are on the winning side for the long-term’.

“Star OUTiCO is by far the best place I have ever worked. Our leaders are aware of the challenges that we face going forward and are putting plans in place now to meet these challenges.”

Star OUTiCO interviewee

Dave Faulkner, Managing Director of Star OUTiCO UK & Ireland, said: “We are extremely proud of having now received Platinum accreditation, demonstrating that we have been able to retain and build upon the engagement and commitment from our employees in a year of such transition and adaptation.”

Star OUTiCO employees’ ‘[…] passion around levels of service and support given to their clients’ was also referenced and found by the author to be ‘inspirational’.

The report continues: ‘It is evident from the assessment that people believe Star OUTiCO to be a great place to work. […] I also observed an overwhelming sense of genuine pride, engagement, and commitment from the employees – people enjoy and love working for Star OUTiCO!’

Kate Hosker, HR Manager at Star OUTiCO, said: “Platinum Investors In People demonstrates that we’re putting time and real thought into getting things right for our people – our greatest asset. We aren’t reliant on what we think people need to develop and progress: we look externally to benchmarks that have the very best reputation – Investors In People.

“IIP shows us what it really takes to lead, support, and manage our people in a way that will give us sustainable, long-lasting results. Once achieved, one of the most important aspects of the report we get is the areas for improvement, which give us clear guidance on what we can continue to work on”.

The report states that interviewees were ‘[…] genuinely engaged with the assessment process, were very forthcoming with their views and appreciated the opportunity to express them.’

Star OUTiCO’s Head of Permanent Recruitment, Danny Dorward, said: “Being involved in the IIP process allows employees to have a voice, and demonstrates that the company wants to listen and be guided by an independent body that can advise and help us do that. I think we should be extremely proud that we work for a Platinum organisation.”

Business Support Co-ordinator, Julia Lindsay, said: “I felt really chuffed to be asked to participate and contribute to the IIP process. Especially as our accreditation was at Gold status, and I know how important it is to Star OUTiCO to keep improving and evolving the business, and to ensure it remains a great place to work. Our accreditor allowed the conversations to be free and genuine, but also comprehensive.”

“I felt proud to be part of the process, and valued in that someone spent the time listening to me to understand my point of view. The process was smooth and there was a good balance of questions between getting my understanding, without oversteering, or making me feel like I was ‘on the spot’”.

Louise Ward, Star OUTiCO Project Director and interviewee

Currently fewer than 1% of companies within the Investors In People programme achieve the Platinum accreditation, which is further testament to Star OUTiCO’s dedication to putting its employees first, across the board.

Kate said: “Gaining this accreditation shows our teams, and anyone joining in the future, that we have demonstrated – and can evidence – the care we have taken as a whole business, not only during COVID-19, but while bringing Star and OUTiCO together last year, and that we always make supportive, people-focused decisions.”

Dave continued: “Our people are our biggest asset. Investing in our people is crucial, and since the report we have already implemented a number of initiatives to build upon the Platinum recognition received.”