An omni-channel approach integrates various channels to fulfil customers’ needs at every touchpoint. Omnichannel marketing in the pharmaceutical industry also enables companies to engage their customers with the right message, at the right time, and in their preferred channel.

How to Improve Omni-channel Engagement

For the pharmaceutical industry, there is still a long way to go on the digital journey. However, the pandemic has created a unique opportunity to move this to the top of company agendas, and to forge better customer relationships.

But how can omni-channel marketing in pharmaceutical companies be optimised to yield the best possible results?

  • Dig deep into the audiences’ needs

There is nothing wrong with looking at your own business needs and creating strategies based on them. But the real question here is whether your business needs align with those of your audiences? Customer preference and expectation sits at the core of successful digital transformation.  

Because of increasingly easier access to brands and information generally, audiences are now more empowered than ever to make their buying decisions based on information rather than traditional marketing tactics. This makes it critical for pharmaceutical companies to create accurate audience profiles and truly understand what each audience group wants and needs. From there, we can work in partnership with you to devise strategies that provide solid solutions to these needs.

  • Small, targeted actions over huge, general ones

Traditional strategies often focused on reaching the highest number of people possible through a single campaign. But with today’s audience, reaching each group targeted with a unique, bespoke approach yields the best long-term results.

By maximising the use of data gathered, we can create multiple plans and strategies, each one targeting a unique group at a time. This means that every action will have a higher chance of success, and the combined results of each campaign will drive more substantial results overall.

  • Balance experience and resource optimisation

Because we’re prioritising each audience’s needs, it follows that they should have an overall satisfactory experience that will eventually turn them from audiences to customers and brand partners, and later, into brand ambassadors. A great experience will encourage them to vouch for the brand and recommend it to their peers, adding to the marketing and engagement efforts being implemented by the pharma company and our skilled team.

The Importance of Omni-Channel Marketing in Pharma

The future of omni-channel engagement and customer experience is transforming, and digital advances give us the power to streamline and improve the customer journey. Before Covid, the 4th industrial revolution represented a fundamental change in the way we live and work and signalled a new chapter for sales, marketing, medical and regulatory functions across the healthcare sector.

Post-pandemic, the evolution of digital transformation has been drastically accelerated. Omni-channel engagement in Pharma is more than using multiple channels to directly reach a customer (a series of disconnected touch points).

We now we live in a world of omni-channel’, where channels no longer operate in silos, but create a single customer experience. Brands must leverage new technologies to build their omni-channel pharma marketing strategy to include more personalised content and touchpoints. This will result in better HCP engagement, and help to drive an increase in prescribing behaviour.

Here at Star OUTiCO, we aim to deliver on every potential opportunity through our strong omni-channel expertise.

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How Pharma Is Following The Omni-channel Route Successfully

Nowadays, pharma marketers are striving for the concept of omni-channel personalisation. With omni-channel marketing in pharma, interaction across many channels impacts the customer’s loyalty and reliance on your brands.

Omni-channel in pharmaceutical companies enables them to smartly engage with customers across a combination of connected channels for optimal results.  At Star OUTiCO we deliver exceptional customer experience – by understanding our customers’ needs and communicating with Healthcare Professionals through their channel of choice.

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An omni-channel approach to pharmaceutical marketing is a cross-channel strategy seamlessly integrating content – both online and offline – to ensure consistency across many touchpoints during the buyer’s journey. Cross-channel healthcare engagement provides a unified experience for the customer across multiple channels using tailored, flexible, and universal data. It can be seamlessly fitted into any channel.

For the pharma industry, omni-channel is a cross-channel medical sales technique that provides customers with an integrated customer experience. An HCP can interact with the pharma company over the phone, in a face-to-face meeting, or online from a desktop or mobile device; through a webinar, e-learning modules, podcasts and more.

Pharma marketing is the marketing of medications and medical devices to doctors, clinicians, and consumers by private and public entities. A good strategy like pharma omnichannel engagement meets the needs of both pharma companies and clients.

Cross-channel pharmaceutical marketing strategies provide opportunities for ‘customers’ to interact with companies in a way that suits them best, (at their preferred time and channel) increasing reach and engagement in the process.

Omni-channel pharmaceutical marketing enables brands to reach their target markets through a variety of selected channels for optimal results. Customers can use their preferred channels for communication, allowing for a seamless, sequential building of depth of engagement by increasing touch points and opportunities to sell.

With omni-channel in pharma, there are increased opportunities to speed up the growth of pharma companies’ brands.

Begin your omni-channel marketing planning strategy by doing the following:

  • Determining your goals.
  • Identifying your target audiences and their needs.
  • Researching your competitors.
  • Setting metrics and establishing key baselines.
  • Creating an actionable market strategy.
  • Establishing a tracking and reporting framework.

An omni-channel pharma customer experience is made up of unique customer touchpoints distributed over many channels that seamlessly interact, allowing customers to pick up where they left off on one channel and continue the experience on another.

This approach gives you a competitive advantage while also providing the integrated and engaging experience your customers want.