When it comes to maintaining a steady influx of expertise into the industry and ensuring that employees are matched to both the work and the company’s ethos, human resources teams face a difficult challenge. This is made even more difficult in a booming labour market, where employers are vying for the best and most experienced employees.

Employers also need expert assistance with their recruiting methods. Working with experienced pharmaceutical recruitment agencies in the UK to find and hire talent, as well as discuss terms and conditions of employment, will alleviate a lot of pressure. Using external expertise can assist businesses in locating the individuals they need, managing the interview process and securing the right candidates’ services while still staying under budget.

But what specifically are the advantages of using pharmaceutical recruitment agencies to assist with the hiring of professionals? Here are a few practical benefits of using a dedicated recruitment specialist such as Star OUTiCO:

Access The Best Talent

Working with recruitment agencies for pharmaceutical jobs increases the chances of connecting with the best job-seekers on the market (both active and passive). For instance, people who are actively seeking new employment are most likely to sign up with employment agencies to source the roles they want.

Furthermore, recruitment agencies have access to a wide range of job boards on which they can post work openings; and they have an in-depth understanding of what it takes for such postings to score strongly in candidates’ job hunts. All of this is knowledge that can only be gained from working in the industry.

Star OUTiCO also have access to an extensive candidate database to ensure clients don’t have to compromise on talent.

Save Time

In business, time is money, and using a recruitment agency saves a great deal of time. They handle the initial steps during the recruitment process, and can reduce the time your own staff would otherwise necessarily spend in sifting through CVs.  A recruitment agency will make sure that the time you expend on the selection process is spent wisely on viewing only those candidates who are seriously worth considering.

However, the process should not stop there; a recruitment agency will arrange interviews and provide all the necessary details regarding the role to applicants. Recruitment companies handle all aspects of administration, including communicating with successful and failed applicants, as well as checking applicant information such as their credentials and references.

When a company uses a recruitment agency for the pharmaceutical industry like Star OUTiCO, they save time by not having to dedicate in-house staff to recruitment. This will result in a faster turnaround when filling positions and a rise in the company’s performance.

Identify Talent

A recruitment agency’s advantage is that they partner with both companies looking for candidates, and professionals looking for new job prospects. As a result, they are well-positioned to be “in the know” and function as a go-between for the two parties. Recruitment experts’ experience of diverting companies from recruiting an unsuitable employee is precious; they know already who is looking for jobs, how qualified they are, and what salary expectations people have for their careers.

Recruitment agencies can begin looking for potential candidates for a job as soon as an employer has notified them of a vacancy and defined the role requirements. The ‘ideal candidate’ is often not someone currently searching for a new position, but would consider a move if the right opportunity arose. A recruiting specialist has excellent connections and a good sense of where to look for these people.

Star OUTiCO take a multi-channel approach to sourcing quality candidates for our clients. As well as traditional methods, we employ a number of candidate attraction techniques, including rolling out bespoke cross-platform social media campaigns, attending local recruitment days and graduate fayres, and utilising the expertise and network of our existing project teams. 

Another advantage of working with pharmaceutical sales recruitment agencies is their comprehensive understanding of specific job market sectors and the talent needed in particular areas. They also think about the needs and objectives of potential employers. This holistic understanding and approach mean they are often better placed than any other individual to be able to find talented people who will fill the role and perform well.

Build A Lasting Relationship

Working with the best recruitment agencies for the pharmaceutical industry over time allows you to establish a long-term and trusted relationship, effectively turning the agency into an extension of your own HR department. It’s important that the recruitment agency or agencies you deal with understand who you are and what your company does so that they can entirely tailor their search to your company’s vision, ethos and aims, as well as to the position you’re advertising.

If you are recruiting for your pharmaceutical business, speak to Star OUTiCO today about how our stand-out recruitment team could help fulfil your needs. Impact is at the heart of everything we do. Every action is geared towards ensuring that our involvement in a client’s recruitment drive both improves patient and HCP engagement, and creates a commercial impact.

We have offices in Bath, Manchester, Rugby and Dublin, as well as a presence in the Netherlands and Nordic regions. Call us at 01225 336 335 or send an e-mail to info@staroutico.com for any enquiries.

Tips For Choosing A Recruitment Company

Here are some tips for finding the best pharmaceutical recruiters to work with:

  • Check their screening process. Since you are primarily hiring top pharmaceutical recruitment agencies in the UK to save time and effort, make sure you check their screening process. This gives you an idea of whether they can source quality, genuine candidates in a timely manner.
  • Ensure you have a direct point of contact. Ask to meet with the individual acting on your company’s behalf and evaluate their skills and experience to ensure they are suitable for your company’s needs.
  • Look at their mission statement. Check for indicators of a commitment to high performance and ethics. Their mission tells you a lot about the agency.
  • Check for reviews. Good pharma recruitment agencies will be able to demonstrate its success through positive reviews from previous clients. Check testimonials to weigh an agency’s reliability and quality.

Different Types Of Recruitment Agencies

Various recruitment agencies specialise in different industries, client types and employment contracts. These include:

  • Staffing recruitment agencies handle the hiring of temporary staff for short-term contracts to fill in for sick absence, maternity leave, or seasonal upsurges in workload, for instance.
  • A general pharmaceutical hiring agency deals with entry-level and mid-level hiring and is often specific to particular parts of the industry, such as clinical or research hiring.
  • Executive recruitment agency. These experts handle recruitment at senior levels within organisations.

If you’re looking for a highly experienced pharmaceutical staffing agency with an impressive track record of recruitment for the pharmaceutical industry, talk to us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A pharma recruitment agency aims to proactively find the right people for listed jobs rather than waiting for the right candidates to apply. As these professionals are typically paid by the hiring company, once they have successfully found the best candidate for the job, they tend to be rigorous in their attempts to find the very best individuals.

Most companies engage pharmaceutical recruitment agencies in the UK to take advantage of their extensive experience and large network of healthcare industry contacts. This ensures that only the most qualified applicants are interviewed for a role. Using agencies also saves time and effort, as recruitment can be highly labour-intensive when done in-house.

Both company owners and candidates must be able to trust the pharmaceutical recruitment agency they work with. Agencies should begin to demonstrate their credibility to you from the outset and continue to build on this throughout your relationship by showing commitment, good communication, and positive interaction with you and any potential candidates.

Hiring a reliable recruitment agency for the pharmaceutical industry offers various advantages. Listed below are some of the most prominent benefits:

  • A faster hiring process.
  • Specialist knowledge and experience.
  • Full support and assistance.
  • Highly qualified candidates.
  • Quality temporary recruitment when needed.

To find the right pharmaceutical recruitment firm for your company, ask contacts in your network for recommendations. Ask potential hires for information about their screening process. They should use a broad yet appropriate selection of methods. A good agency will take the time to understand your company, the role you’re recruiting for, and what a good fit would look like.

When hiring a pharmaceutical recruitment company, ask them the following:

  • What’s the science behind their candidate attraction methodology?
  • What selection processes do they use?
  • Is the agency an industry specialist?
  • Does the agency hold professional accreditation?
  • What screening processes do they have in place?
  • Will their consultant visit your site?
  • Do they possess a clear equality and diversity policy?