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15 maj 2022

Before you can begin the journey of digital transformation, there needs to be a re-conception of the business model – a rethink of the foundations.

One of the critical factors to success is the mindset of the people within your organisation. If your team can think like a digital business, they can help to re-build the strategy.

If you have a team of people who are fixed in their mindset, for example, who strongly believe that pharma sales is still purely a face-to-face process, then you need to help guide them to a growth mindset, so they will become open and able to change.

One way of achieving this is by using the learning technique of KASH. It’s a known performance coaching technique for sales and motivation, and it describes the process towards a new way of thinking.

It looks like this:

Knowledge – There is not a fixed level of intelligence or potential as once thought. Evidence suggests the human brain continues to change and adapt to meet the needs and demands many years after early childhood. You can build and grow by stepping out of your comfort zone – ensure your sales team have sufficient knowledge to confidently use the technology, and positively sell in a new channel.

Attitude – It is generally regarded that skills and knowledge are easier to develop and change than attitude and habits. Attitude is everything. At Star OUTiCO we believe your attitude to the usage of technology and your ability to conceptualise how a ‘digital approach to brand commercialisation’ will optimise your performance with the HCP experience. The absence of this will simply lead to a traditional KAM that has new technology that won’t be used.

Skills – This is about people’s ability to perform, and you must have the knowledge before learning the skills. This can apply to any category, whether that’s technological, behavioural, or analytical skills. To perform skills competently, there must be regular practice and experience.

Habit – Turning skills into positive learning habits. Successful sales habits are the result of all the above, done repeatedly, without conscious thought. As Aristotle explained: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit”.

The KASH technique is just one part of making the journey into digital a successful one. If you’re a senior leader at the beginning of your transition, the first step is to look at your own working practice – remember, great leaders don’t tell people what to do, they show them first.

Consider the benefits of multi-channel working in your own role; how does it improve your productivity?

How has your working week changed?

If you experience the benefits of multi-channel yourself, you will be in the best position to start your digital transition, and lead your team to success.