Brand Fostering

Product Fostering Service

We ‘foster’ brands, through the full management of a product, from supply chain through to the entire sales and marketing mix. This allows pharmaceutical and medical device companies to focus on promoting strategic assets while we optimise the profit across their entire portfolio.

We understand the effort involved in supporting products coming to the later stage of their lifecycle, this is precisely the point at which you will feel the benefit of our product fostering offering.

We will create a tailored service dedicated entirely to driving continued value for you and ensuring HCP support and vital patient access to medication and care is sustained.

As with all of our services, data and insights are generated and leveraged at every opportunity. In this way, your risk is minimised and our intelligence-led commercial strategies are flexible, dynamic and reactive in order to achieve maximum value and patient benefit from the ‘fostered’ brand.


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Any brands that are promotionally sensitive, have a weight of sales, have a clinical or commercial differentiator and typically have 2-3 years before LOE. Star OUTiCO run successful projects for both Primary and Specialty Care pharmaceutical brands and devices.

The model works best where an organisation can get a greater Return On Capital Employed by investing in other strategic brands. The model enables organisations to fully focus on driving sales for strategic assets while Uniphar fully focuses on the established brand.

Uniphar have experience of integrating into the client’s existing supply chain arrangements, or can establish a new model. This is built into the commercial model and operating plan.

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