What do we do?

Our Vacancy Management service reduces the potential risks with fixed-term headcount recruitment. Shorter-term vacancies in a client company - both contract and permanent - can present a challenge for a salesforce operating on a lean model, with the associated costs and time constraints of recruiting and training candidates.

With one of the largest and most experienced resourcing teams in the UK, and with access to our extensive candidate database developed over many years, we can source quality candidates for our clients seeking a Vacancy Management solution.

How do we do it?

Supported by our award-winning back office team, Star OUTiCO consultants work on both permanent and contract vacancies in order to position contract vacancies with those candidates who may initially only want to consider permanent headcount roles.

All of our Project Managers ensure that our Vacancy Management contractors feel valued and receive the support that they need to achieve success with their client.

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