Our Market Access teams have on average 18 years’ industry experience supported by Star OUTiCO’s industry-leading insights and multi-channel methodology, ensuring we deliver for our partner clients. This means we have confidence in positioning our team as trusted advisors with an exemplary record of results under their belt.

They can navigate the complex landscape of the NHS and provide real value and knowledge. We have relationships with all customer types, including Prescribing Advisors, Heads of Medicines Management, Chief Pharmacists, Hospital Business Managers and Specialist Commissioning Pharmacists.

Advance Budget Notification

Preparation is the key to mastering Market Access. Understanding your customers’ needs, taking time to identify who the right stakeholders are and engaging with them from the start will, ultimately, influence the positioning of your brand at launch.

Star OUTiCO has been trusted by a number of partner clients to deliver pre-launch activities, such as ABNs, successfully and in a code-compliant way.

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