Our Insights help clients engage with HCPs

Using our intelligent insights ensures your brands and our teams have not only better access but more meaningful access to customers. We call this Intelligent Brand Engagement, combining the use of historic customer behaviours and data to help support better outcomes.

Multi-channel is much more than giving a salesperson technology. Over 10 years’ experience has taught us that success is dependent on the execution of each element.

A winning formula must start with the salesperson having a strong reason why - Mindset - supported with HCP, brand and market insight, equipped with and using digital technology optimally.

The quality of our teams

Trained to sell using all remote channels – email, telephone and screenshare – our teams are heavily invested in our clients’ success, doing what is right and what is needed at each stage, pre and post-launch of a product. Critical to this success is their ability to work in isolation or as fully integrated members of client teams.

Why work with us?

We have over 10 years’ heritage of effectively engaging with HCPs via multiple channels and have developed one of the most comprehensive channel preference databases in the UK to enhance our effectiveness.

By keeping our employees at the heart of how we operate, Star OUTiCO has a fully committed, engaged and award-winning successful workforce that delivers continuously for our client universe.

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