What do we do?

Star OUTiCO clients have the option of utilising a nationwide syndicated team of expert retail pharmacy sales representatives with unparalleled commercial experience and contacts to drive brand sales. As an added value for our clients, we have invested in building our team as an extension of our Rx teams already delivering for clients across the UK.

How do we do it?

Our service offers clients a way to engage with large chain, small chain multiple and independent retail pharmacy stakeholders in a flexible way that can optimise commercial impact. We have a huge bank of experience within the senior team who can screen and validate business opportunities and offer pre-launch advice on the best use of resource and access.

Experienced in promoting OTC and GSL brands, our teams are underpinned with data, insight and analytic support, coupled with access to our innovative multi-channel model. These tools - along with their experience and sales ability - allow our teams to target an increasingly important customer group, specifically targeting retail pharmacies - both large chain multiples and independents.

We offer an 8-week Call Cycle and have seen huge growth across our partners’ pull-out results. Star OUTiCO has the reach, the intelligence and the access to deliver for clients focused on the retail pharmacy customer.

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